GrassTops and GrassRoots
Working Together to Create

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The Corporate Coalition for Community Service is an organization that cares about learning and where we believe every individual has the fullest potential to be successful.

  • We Facilitate Learning
  • We Facilitate Individualism
  • We Facilitate Avenues to Success

 How do we do this work?

We do this work by first identifying corporations and organizations that seek to support their corporate social responsibility through community giving, forums, dialogues networks, and workshops through the four pillars of community:

  1. Education
  2. Social and Community Development
  3. Engagement in Workforce and Quality of Life
  4. Elderly Supports for Seniors

Our corporate partners recognize the importance of community and seek to invest in areas that have the most impact and the most bang for their resources.

The South Carolina Coalition for Community Service is a 501-C3 Non-Profit Organization dedicated to these principles.

Join Us to Create COMMUnity

COMM - your Commitment to Community

U - Means you as the Corporation that recognizes your commitment to community

Unity - Means we are all in this together

Doing business with the South Carolina Corporate Coalition for Community Service is JUST GOOD BUSINESS!!!